WATCH: 20 amazing news startups from around the world

If you’re as big a geek about news startups as I am, you’ve probably heard about Demo Week at the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism in New York City.

Last week, 20 Tow-Knight fellows shared their news startups ideas that may improve journalism, increase engagement, find new revenue streams and change the way people live.

It’s worth a look.

Tow-Knight is one of the best-known places for entrepreneurial journalism in the world and the fellows certainly bring some international flavor and points of view.

Most presenters were from the United States but there were also news startup founders from Malaysia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and multiple entrepreneurs from Spain and Brazil.

Startups like Kitchen Chapters, which plans to share food journalism and Vozes Brasileiras, who plans to provide news for Brazil’s favelas, both said they plan to crowdfund for seed money.

NK News, which received the coveted Kickstarter staff pick and was featured on the site’s front page, finished a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month to raise more than $25,000.

Should any of these ideas tickle your fancy, just open the playlist drop-down menu to watch a particular startup’s pitch video.

  1. Ana Ormaetxea shared her plans for Cuonda, a podcast network for the Spanish-speaking world.
  2. News in Spanish founder Camilo Gomez helps people learning Spanish interpret Spanish language news and current events.
  3. Through syndication and subscription services, NK News already brings in more than $100,000 a year, according to founder Chad O’Carroll. The small news startup plans to make that number grow in the future.
  4. Edu Acquarone is founder of Flying Content. He plans to adapt and create location-enhanced content for mobile, wearables, and smart cars.
  5. In 2014 Coda Story won the Best Startup for News competition at the Global Editors Network annual summit. Founder Ilan Greenberg wants to bring the crisis reporting single issue publication around the world.
  6. Cool Your Carbons wants to tell people and companies exactly how big their carbon footprint is by tracking food, lifestyle and other activity. Jenna O’Donnell
  7. DocSoup helps small local or hyperlocal newsrooms in New Jersey crunch data. John Campbell wants to expand that service to others who need data analysis like school districts.
  8. Kuang Keng Kuek Ser’s company DataN also wants to crunch data for newsrooms, but in Asia.
  9. Leandro Beguoci has plans to bring solutions journalism to Sao Paolo, Brazil with his online news publication Outra Cidade.
  10. Tarbell is “political salon for the 21st century.” That isn’t a metaphor. Kate Albright-Hanna is in the process of finding a permanent space with all the trappings of a modern salon, according to
  11. Kim Choe wants to collect family recipes then share them along with the rich culture and history that coincide with the food for Kitchen Chapters.
  12. Kristen Clark’s podcast “True Everywhere” is about meeting a different compelling person or character every episode.
  13. Maria Sanchez is creator of The Fuego, which “creates and curates smart and viral stories for young Latinos in the United States.”
  14. Matthew MacVey wants Newsroom Toolkit to help small newsrooms coordinate and strengthen local ads sales.
  15. Vozes Brasileiras wants to deliver news to Brazil’s favelas with a combination of citizen journalism and original reporting by journalists who live in favelas, said Nuria Saldanha.
  16. wants to be an inside voice among the White House Press Corps and other business within the White House, said Philip Rosenstein.
  17. Purple Politics is a website for unbiased explainer videos that wants to gain ground ahead of the 2016 elections in the United States, said Rebecca Harris.
  18. 8 Million Songs is a podcast geared toward women of color with disposable income who enjoy traveling, said Roxanne Scott.
  19. Sneha Inguva’s Fibbit plans to allow pet owners to share more information with veterinarians and health insurance companies.
  20. Tinashe Mushakavanhu’s Young Nation plans to deliver news on mobile devices to people in Zimbabwe.

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