That’s what we said! A few impassioned thoughts on journalism

To introduce our readers to the team of like-minded people assembled from around the world to build Through the Cracks, for the last couple of months we’ve asked our entire staff to answer five simple questions.

We’re bonded together by a common interest in empowering people like us, reporters and storytellers, so we thought it would be a good idea to pull it all together to share a few pictures and memorable quotes.

Go here if you want to see all the questions answered and click the name of any writer to see their complete list of work.

First up, Jenna Loceff. She’s great, and our editorial vision director. She’s also the talent behind the daily comic series Today in History.

Go here for her full five questions.


We’ve been fortunate to have Ekaterina’s big brain at work on this problem, looking for flash points in Bulgaria, Russia, Belgium and other parts of the world.

Go here for her full five questions.


Sandra has “an unyielding passion for storytelling” and it shows. She’s reported some of our most popular stories so far, like a German photographer who used crowdfunding to pay his legal expenses and challenge a longstanding German law that denies the ability to photograph a person in public without their permission.

When she isn’t reporting on issues related to photography and Latin America, Sandra works for CostTree, a company that provides cloud-based cost allocation planning for nonprofits and local governments.

Go here to see her five questions answered.


Joe tracks crowdfunding campaigns initiated by documentary and filmmakers but has a background as a writer and photographer as well.

Go here to see his five questions answered.


One motivating factor in the creation of Through the Cracks, said founder and editor Khari Johnson: You get to watch innovation take place that’s widely unseen or ignored.

Go here to see his five questions answered.


Co-founder Carlos Moreno believes crowdfunding is to continuing to evolve and spread around the world to awake something dormant today and incite something “revolutionary, interesting and amazing.”

Go here to see his five questions answered.


Alexandra Meleán is a seriously talented reporter and photographer who tells stories full time in Bolivia. 

In the last few months she has uncovered tips from a National Geographic photographer and the reported on the rise of news startups in Spain.

Go here to see her five questions answered and examples of her work from Bolivia.


Natasha Cox helps us cover documentaries in the United Kingdom and beyond. Her work has highlighted a radical economic video series and austerity through a punk rock lens.

Next month she’s heading to the Media Reform UK conference.

Go here to see her five questions answered.


Robert Moreno is a reporter for Chula Vista Star-News who has worked on stories about underground music, Gamergate, police shootings and smart ways indy artists work with mainstream media.

Go here to see his five questions answered.


As a translator and soon as a reporter, Sophia Montoya is helping us extend our crowdfunding content to a Spanish-speaking audience and very soon we will launch Through the Cracks En Español, a page dedicated to stories translated into Spanish.

Go here to see her five questions answered and her latest photo project on Puerto Rican punk rock.


Kevin Hume is no longer a Through the Cracks contributor. He had to leave to focus full-time on his new position as a photojournalist at Herald and News in Klamath Falls, Ore. but he helped us report some pretty awesome stories about some devoted photographers and their use of crowdfunding.

Go here to see his five questions answered.


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Khari Johnson
Khari is founder and editor of Through the Cracks: Crowdfunding in Journalism. He also writes about bots and artificial intelligence for VentureBeat. He has built news startups in the U.S. and Europe for the last decade.


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