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A journalist’s job is to tell a story. Sometimes it’s the latest political scandal, sometimes a great technological achievement, sometimes the come-from-behind win of the underdog sports team.

Regardless of the subject, it is all about telling the story. But what happens when the journalist has their own story to tell? Who reports on that?

Enter Stephanie Forshee and Rosie Downey. They are telling the stories of 12 journalists in their book In Other News: Reporters on Reporting, which was successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter.

Forshee and Downey set a $5,000 crowdfunding goal which was exceeded by 133 backers on Kickstarter ultimately bringing the amount to $5,410. The money raised goes towards self-publishing the book.

Their project has received endorsements on Twitter from the host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter, and Spotlight screenwriter Josh Singer.

However, the most meaningful support was that given by Yancey Strickler, the CEO of Kickstarter, they said.

“That is just absolutely the best feeling, knowing that someone who has probably reviewed more Kickstarter campaigns than any other person on the planet took the time to check [it] out,” Forshee wrote in an email.

“And on Top of that, he supported it by backing it and spreading the word on Twitter. Rosie and I were thrilled to see that,” she said.

The 12-chapter book profiles a distinguished reporter at each chapter and takes readers through their career with insight on how they chase down a big story.

The reporters also offer their most valuable lessons about breaking into the industry.

“As a young journalist [this book] was something that I wished I really had for myself actually as a tool just to be able to see what other journalists are up to, and how they came up with leads and tips for investigations that they wanted to do,” Forshee said. “I just wanted something that featured your everyday journalist.”

The book wasn’t smooth sailing at the beginning, she said.

A few years ago, Forshee, a journalist herself, had a publication deal for the book. When that fell through, she started a blog and profiled several reporters.

Forshee connected with Downey, her San Fernando Valley Business Journal colleague, to bring the book back to life. This time, through crowdfunding.

“My goal all along was just to tell the stories of journalists and to inspire people,” Forshee said.

In Other News: Reporters on Reporting, is slated to be released in February 2016.

Reporters featured in the book include:

  • Gilbert Bailon, editor-in-chief, St. Louis Post-Dispatch;
  • Christina Bellantoni, assistant managing editor of politics, Los Angeles Times;
  • Michael J. Berens, Pulitzer-winning investigative reporter, Chicago Tribune;
  • Geoff Edgers, national arts reporter, The Washington Post;
  • Sonari Glinton, business desk reporter, NPR West bureau;
  • Mitra Kalita, managing editor, Los Angeles Times;
  • Andrew LaVallee, New York bureau chief, The Wall Street Journal;
  • Mara Leveritt, author and investigative crime reporter, Arkansas Times;
  • Carrie Lozano, documentary filmmaker;
  • Terry McCarthy, Emmy-winning reporter formerly of Time, ABC, CBS;
  • Joan Ryan, New York Times best-selling author, former sports reporter;
  • Kendall Taggart, investigative data reporter, BuzzFeed News

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