Sophia Montoya

Sophia Montoya
Sophia Montoya is a photographer based in Tijuana, Mexico. She graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana with a B.A in Communications. She currently works as a music photojournalist under the alias of “Zophie Felina” collaborating with bands and documenting the rock and roll music scene. She is Through the Cracks Spanish translator and contributor. It didn’t occur to me as possible but when Russia was a communist state, some people still went on vacation. The Soviet Union mandated... One of our biggest fears is the passing of someone we love. We feel the impossibility of ever letting go. The only thing for... Dejar tu país en la búsqueda de una vida mejor, puede ser una de las decisiones mas difíciles que cualquiera pueda hacer, pero también... Leaving your hometown in search of a better life can be one of the most difficult decisions anyone can make, but can also be...

Blamed, shamed, judged and forced to remain silent. Those are a just a few of the things Indian women and girls deal with after experiencing one...

Many aspiring photographers dream to be a professional one day. The thing is, most don’t have any idea exactly what that means. To be a...


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