Melissa Hutsell

Melissa Hutsell is a freelance writer with a passion for community and global journalism. Born, raised and based in Northern California, she writes for a variety of hyper-local and national publications on a diversity of topics including: business, art, culture, food and health. Along with journalism, Melissa has an insatiable appetitive to travel and learn. Melissa is an award-winning writer with B.A.s in Journalism and Globalization from Humboldt State University, and a joint Masters in Global Journalism from the Danish School of Journalism and City University London.

There are pretty pictures whose color or composition catch your eye, and then there are pictures with deeper meaning. Real pictures can changes lives...

The idea came together sometime around 2 a.m. "Someone just said 'let's do this.' We just committed and decided failure is not an option," said Samantha Harrington. That's...

La idea se llevó a cabo alrededor de las 2 a.m. “Alguien sólo dijo ‘hagamos esto.’ Nosotros solamente nos comprometimos y decidimos que el fracaso...


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